Listen, we are gonna be honest here. We are just two regular (not so normal) girls, with hubbies, kids, jobs, good and bad days...just like you. We are not professional travelers, photographers, bakers, or candle stick makers. We are just us. With all the weirdness that happens in our lives, we decided that together we were going to conquer our social anxiety/awkwardness and explore the world!  

Did we mention that we're awkward?

BUT we have each other, and books...and coffee (copious amounts of coffee...well and books too really). 

We decided that we will pack our backpacks whenever possible, and will explore other places in our own unique way. 

When traveling is not possible, the next best thing is to explore the world through books.  And by the world, we mean other worlds (and universes and realities and...well... you get the idea). 

So we are thrilled to share our adventures with you and sincerely hope you enjoy our brand of weird. We promise you will enjoy our stories and we encourage you to participate by leaving comments and suggestions.

We are open to travel destination ideas, recipes, books, and other (family-friendly) obnoxiously weird requests (but, nothing you wouldn't ask someone to do in front of your grandma) that you would like to read about!  Also, if you are in the Charlotte, NC area (or other place that we could easily visit) and would like for us to try a restaurant or blog about a specific place, please contact us and tell us about it. We will try our best to check it out and tell you about our experiences from the perspective of real-life muggles.  Connect with us today!  Email us at

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MEET US!!!!  and let us tell you WHO WE ARE