Book Review: Oleah Chronicles Truth by Michelle Johnson

Dear Bookworms,

This read was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

Oleah Chronicles: Truth
By Michelle Johnson

Life seems pretty normal for 16 year old Angel Seriki; school, friends, gossiping about boys. That is until the mysterious Zander Black shows up. A transfer student from a prestigious private school, Angel seems to form a strange connection with him immediately. The two are drawn to one another in a way Angel cannot explain. Ever since his arrival at school, Angel has been plagued by nightmares and strange hallucinations, and her seemingly normal life begins to get a whole lot more complicated. As details from hers and her parents past come unraveled and brought to light, Angel finds herself squaring off against an unimaginable foe and a decision that may result in her leaving her life as she knew it behind forever.

Pretty solid read! You all know I enjoy a good contemporary fantasy/supernatural book and this one definitely scratched that itch for me. Johnson builds a pretty unique world in Angels backstory and I am looking forward to seeing even more of that in book 2 (which thankfully I have handy to dive into!). The Oleah are a unique race and I enjoyed the feline shapeshifting aspect. They ooze a certain regal strength that played well in the plot of the book.

The characters were all pretty likable including Angels best friend, Julie. She was the perfect sidekick, spunky and loyal- we all need a Julie in our life! I did find myself slipping into swoon mode, like Angel, the more I read about Zander. He has the strong yet gentle charisma that really makes for a perfect love interest of a character. Despite having her life turned upside down, Angel seemed strong and brave in a way that I feel will only continue to grow as the series (and her character) develops further.

My only drawbacks to the book were that I could have done with a little bit more plot development in the building of Zander and Angels relationship, it seemed a tad rushed at times as was the build up with our villain. I would have enjoyed more cat and mouse between the two factions, really building that tension and anxiety. I’m hoping the remainder of the series can do that for me.

Overall a good read- one that I would recommend to my middle grade readers and up!

Until next week friends!