Book Review: The Witches by Roald Dahl

Dear Bookworms,

As the years end creeps closer I find myself frantically searching for books to knock off some of my 2017 reading challenge prompts. The Witches was a perfect fit for "a book set in a hotel". 

The Witches is a childhood favorite of mine. Having seen the movie at least a dozen times (probably more), I realized I never had read the book so here we are. For those not familiar (weirdos) here is a brief synopsis.


After a tragic accident killed both of his parents, a young seven year old boy goes to live with his eccentric Norwegian grandmother. Brought up on her stories of witches all his life, he is able to discern the tiny details that make a witch that others may easily overlook. While on summer holiday with his grandmother off the coast of England, the young boy stumbles across a convention of witches being led by non other than the Grand High Witch herself. After overhearing her horrific plot to rid England of children, the young boy and his grandmother square off in a game of wits against the vile witches of England.

The Witches
By Roald Dahl

With the exception to the ending (which we will get to in a minute), this book is exactly how I remembered the movie. The story progression and characters all perfectly paralleled the movie (which was awesome because I love the movie).

My favorite character of the book is most certainly the grandmother not only for her ability to tell a good story, but her spunk and tenacity. She was one cool granny! I was surprised by the ending, I won't spoil it by writing about what happened but I will say it was completely different than the book (which I would think would annoy me, but actually I found it quite fitting).

Although intended for children, I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Perhaps it was the nostalgia of it being from one of my favorite movies as a kid, or perhaps because Roald Dahls work is timeless. Either way, this book is one to read with your kids, or on your own, either way you are in for a treat!

See you next week my bookish friends!