Book Review: Helix: Episode 1 by Nathan Farrugia

Dear Bookworms, 

This weeks review is author requested. I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review. 

A seemingly ordinary girl growing up in post-Soviet Russia, Olesya is recruited by a top secret government agency of The Fifth Column. Whisked away and cut off from her family, Olesya trains and studies with other recruits at an intense academy in the US. Most everyone in the program possesses some sort of genetic anomaly which allows them supernatural abilities. Shortly after an intense training exercise, Olesya and a few recruits from her squad are kidnapped (rescued?) by a rebel group, a faction which has since splintered from the original Fifth Column. Fast forward half a dozen years and Olesya is an elite agent, tasked with hunting down and capturing the very recruits she once trained alongside. 

EKKKKK! Guys! This. Book. Was. So. Good! It had a sort of Darkest Minds (Alexandra Bracken)/Zero World (Jason Hough) vibe to it. The story line was intriguing and intense from literally the first page. The chapters alternated between Olesyas story line (7 years in the past leading up to present day) and Damien's (only present day) which kept the reading interesting and definitely hard to put down. The end of each chapter leaves you needing to know more so I just HAD to keep reading (which being the bookworm I am- I did- I read it in one sitting). The attention to detail was precise and description of the fight scenes (of which there are a plethora!) was high energy and fast paced. As far as the characters, Damien won me over with his witty sarcasm from the first words out of his mouth- he's my kind of people for sure. Although more cool and collected, Olesya was well written and engaging in the plot. I am interested to see how and when these characters come back together as the series evolves. 

Please excuse me now while I hop on over to Amazon to pick up the next episode in the series! 

Until next week friends!