Book Review: Girl in Disguise by Greer Macallister

Dear Bookworms,

I picked this one up as I had read and really enjoyed Macallisters previous novel, The Magicians Lie. I was hoping for all the same elements that I enjoyed with her first novel; action, danger, and a kick ass female led.

Let me tell you guys, Macallister delivers yet again!

Girl in Disguise
By Greer Macallister

Kate Warne has quite literally no where to turn. A young widow in the 1850’s (don’t feel too bad, she was coerced into a loveless marriage by her good for nothing parents) with no income, she was quite literally almost out on the streets when an ad in the newspaper caught her eye. Pinkerton Detective Agency was hiring a new detective. The fact that there was no such thing as a female detective did not dissuade Kate; if anything, it made her want it even more. Kate is determined and quick witted and Pinkerton takes a chance and hires her on. Kate works twice as hard as every man on the payroll to prove herself, and prove herself she does. With the country on the verge of a civil war, Kates life as an operative takes her on countless dangerous missions, all over the country. Inspired by the real woman who was Americas first detective, this read is one you won’t be able to put down.

Y’all, Kate Warne is such a badass! I could read about her operations all. damn. day. This is a historical fiction done right. I do love some action and suspense in my reading and sometimes with a historical fiction, it really just isn’t there (obviously, I mean I’m not expecting them ALL to be, just that for that reason- they normally aren’t my cup of tea) but Girl in Disguise was such a perfect blend of action and plot to the back drop of one of the most important times in American history- the Civil War. The politics of it all are more a backdrop to Kate and her navigating her life as not only an operative at a prestigious detective agency, but a woman fighting gender norms and societal stereotypes on how she should be living her life. Kate is smart, and she uses these stereotypes to her benefit. After all, who would suspect a woman * gasp * of subterfuge and deceit? Kate was firery and brave- just such a great character to read. In addition to the action and danger that the life of an operative entails, we also are shown a more vulnerable side to Kate which was really moving to read. There was loss and heartbreak, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up at some scenes.

Do yourself a favor and add this gem to your reading list. I will certainly continue to read anything Greer publishes and look forward to her next book!

Until next week friends!