Book Review: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Dear Bookworms,

I know, I'm obsessed. Another Neil Gaiman book? Yes, don't judge, the man is brilliant. And Neverwhere is my new all time favorite of Gaimans masterpieces. 

Like Norse Mythology, I listened to this one on audiobook which was read by none other than Neil himself. (I could listen to this man read all. day. long. *sigh*)

Richard Mayhew lives an ordinary life in London. He works a normal job, has a normal (if overbearing and condescending) fiance, pays his bills on time; just a pretty generally sensible person. All of this changes when he quite literally stumbles upon a bleeding, semi conscious girl (Door) on the way to an important dinner function one Friday evening. Against the protestations of his fiance Jessica, Richard comes to the young woman's aid.  She insists on no hospital, so he helps her back to his apartment to get cleaned up and rested. Little does Richard know, doing so entangles himself in the peculiar world of London Below and Doors quest to find her family's killer, while avoiding being killed themselves. 

As I said before, this book was most definitely my favorite Gaiman read by far. For me, discovering London Below along with Richard was something akin to a dream come true. Being a lover of fantasy and magic myself, seeing that come alive for a character like Richard, who's life is so relatable in its mundaneness, was thrilling (and gave me a little hope that maybe there is some magic within our ordinary lives). The whole quest to find the killer was very "Labyrinth-esque" to me and the entire world of London Below was utterly fascinating. It was dark and ethereal but magical and enticing all the same. The ending of the book was PERFECT, even better than what I had been expecting (don't worry no spoilers here!). The various trials and tribulations Door and Richard encounter run the gambit of tense and frightening to comical and clever. I cannot recommend this one enough! 

Who else is a huge Gaiman fan? Which one is your fav?





Book Review: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

Dear Bookworms,

So I know what you're thinking. Another Neil Gaiman book?! What can I say, the man is a master, this must be The Year of Neil Gaiman for me. I was browsing Goodreads for some suggestions to fill my " A book by multiple authors" category for my 2017 book challenge and this was a recommended read, so of course I had to go for it.

It's the end of the world....seriously. The Riders of the Apocalypse are assembling, the Lost City of Atlantis has risen, the Kracken has been released, and fish are falling from the skies. Oh, and the Antichrist seems to be missing. Tibetans are also tunneling all over the world and are popping up at inopportune times but yes, the world is coming to an end. Everything is going pretty much to plan based on The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch. Aziraphale and Crowley, Angel and Demon respectively, have lived on Earth with the humans for centuries and aren't really too thrilled with the idea of the Apocalypse. The forces are mounting and the battle lines drawn, now if only they could find the damn Antichrist.....


It pains me to say that I didn't love love love this book as I did with all the other Gaiman books I've read. It was slow going for me but once I hit the half way mark things definitely picked up, so I won't say I disliked it per se, just that it wasn't my favorite. The entire book was comical and satirical which I enjoyed. There was a good deal of fun poked at humans and humanity in general which was so fitting and much appreciated (humans can be assholes, no?). The characters were rich, and not how you may expect, say an angel and demon, to be portrayed. Famine was by far my favorite Rider of the Apocalypse by portraying not just the quintessential idea of famine (starving and death and all that jazz) but societal pressures to be thin and waif-like, inducing a self imposed famine on entire generations of people. That coupled with the pre-processed foods (fastfood/junkfood/fake food) that we seem to shove down our throats on any given day which provide zero nutritional content was really spot on. Overall enjoyable book, bringing a light-hearted and comical approach to an otherwise dark topic with some real zingers on humanity as a whole (much deserved though folks, again....assholes). 

Of note- I've read that they are creating a BBC miniseries based on the book and the casting is ON. POINT. I will most certainly be tuning in for this one! 

See ya next week!