Book Review: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Dear Bookworms,

I know, I'm obsessed. Another Neil Gaiman book? Yes, don't judge, the man is brilliant. And Neverwhere is my new all time favorite of Gaimans masterpieces. 

Like Norse Mythology, I listened to this one on audiobook which was read by none other than Neil himself. (I could listen to this man read all. day. long. *sigh*)

Richard Mayhew lives an ordinary life in London. He works a normal job, has a normal (if overbearing and condescending) fiance, pays his bills on time; just a pretty generally sensible person. All of this changes when he quite literally stumbles upon a bleeding, semi conscious girl (Door) on the way to an important dinner function one Friday evening. Against the protestations of his fiance Jessica, Richard comes to the young woman's aid.  She insists on no hospital, so he helps her back to his apartment to get cleaned up and rested. Little does Richard know, doing so entangles himself in the peculiar world of London Below and Doors quest to find her family's killer, while avoiding being killed themselves. 

As I said before, this book was most definitely my favorite Gaiman read by far. For me, discovering London Below along with Richard was something akin to a dream come true. Being a lover of fantasy and magic myself, seeing that come alive for a character like Richard, who's life is so relatable in its mundaneness, was thrilling (and gave me a little hope that maybe there is some magic within our ordinary lives). The whole quest to find the killer was very "Labyrinth-esque" to me and the entire world of London Below was utterly fascinating. It was dark and ethereal but magical and enticing all the same. The ending of the book was PERFECT, even better than what I had been expecting (don't worry no spoilers here!). The various trials and tribulations Door and Richard encounter run the gambit of tense and frightening to comical and clever. I cannot recommend this one enough! 

Who else is a huge Gaiman fan? Which one is your fav?





Book Review: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Dear Bookworms,

Another Gaiman review for you guys! He is quickly becoming one of my more favorite authors to read. I was immediately sucked in with this GORGEOUS cover, take a look- she's a beaut right?

Norse Mythology
By Neil Gaiman

Norse Mythology is basically a history of the Norse gods of lore a la Neil Gaiman. In a lovely forward by the author, Neil explains how he spent years researching and compiling the stories of old Norse mythology; Odin, Thor, and Loki are the heavy hitters you all have probably heard of thanks to the massive success of Marvel. But make no mistake, these stories are not the fun, lighthearted tales of the silver screen. These are deeper, darker, more savage. 

I actually listened to this one on audiobook and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was narrated by the author himself. Let me just say, this mans voice is as smooth as butter. Listening to his book was not only a literary pleasure but also a soothing relaxing experience. 10/10 recommend anything narrated by Gaiman himself.

(Sidenote: He sounded a lot like Alan Rickman to me which may be part of the reason I fell in love with his voice.)

So each chapter of this book was a different tale from Norse mythology beginning with the genesis of Midgard and Asgard and ending with Ragnarok. In between was riddled with the stories of how Thor got his hammer, why Odin has one eye, the mead of poetry, and Lokis bastard children (one of which reigns over Hell). Each story was eloquently told and rang true of the old myths and legends. They were savage at times, clever, and sometimes comical. I haven't read much mythology, but it was interesting to read a different (more authentic) take on Thor. Dude was kind of as asshole guys. He was frequently the dimwit, heavy handed, fool of the story. Loki remained the trickster, if much more malicious and savage. 

Overall a really fun read, exciting and interesting for a mythology book (nothing dry or boring here) which was made even more enjoyable by Gaimans delightful narration. Definitely recommend!

Until next week friends!