Book Review: River by India R. Adams

Dear Bookworms,

This weeks read was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

River (Book 2 of the Stranger in the Woods series) picks right up where book one left off. Rose has given birth to the Prophecy Rain, and the little family is settling into life within their elven village. Rose and Rain are under heavy guard due to the threats and attempts on her life by the evil King of the Shadow Clones.


When Rose and Rain are kidnapped by The King and taken into hell, Ryder, Gunner, and the entire band of Warrior Elves search relentlessly and fight ruthlessly for their return. While on the journey to rescuing his females, Ryder is confronted with troubling information about his lineage. In this battle of life and death, good versus evil, the past will come to haunt the present, and no one is safe from The King.


Man oh man.... I have been waiting ages (it seems like ages but was probably more like months ha!) for this book to come out. I just could not get enough of Rose, Ryder, and the whole elf way of life when I read Rain and book two definitely sustained my ever growing craving. The whole elf society and structure is so beautifully crafted; it emanates goodness and loyalty, and damn if I don't want an elf male for my own (sorry again husband) even more!

Besides the beautifully, ever growing relationship between Rose and Ryder (which, kill me now, they are fantastic and lovable and oh so steamy together), I enjoyed watching Gunner fall in love and find that special female of his own. They way the two couples were able to blend into this awesome unit together (not in a freaky way, relax people) was very fitting.

There was SO. MUCH. ACTION. in this book. I recommend keeping a Xanax handy because you're certainly gonna need it. It was one heart stopping rollercoaster of danger after another, and just when I was able to calm myself, thinking "Oh great! Danger is over- everyone's safe - everyone can live happily ever after- whew", Adams jarred me real quick back into the danger zone. And can I just say that ending was such a shocker! Was not expecting that one AT. ALL. It was definitely a cliffhanger (damn you India!)

So I guess I will just have to patiently wait (HA! yea right) for the third installment, Mist, to continue on with my characters story.  

This one is being release on Feb 9th, so hope on over to .. 

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Book Review: Black Waters by India R. Adams

Dear Bookworms, 

This weeks read was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

Y'all know I love me some India R. Adams (#indieauthorsrock) so after I gushed about how much I enjoyed Blue Waters, India sent over it's companion, Black Waters. Bookworm score!


I started the book thinking it was a continuation of the previous novel (stop and read that review here then proceed) which ended with a major cliffhanger. Turns out, this novel is told from the perspective of Link and covers the same time line as Blue Waters, extending out past the major cliffhanger. (Thank god because I was seriously afraid it would be the same cliffhanger but then just even more feels because now I know this whole *other* side of the story line.) Black Waters dives much deeper (see what I did there) into the danger and background of the characters and let me tell you, it was a lot. Many of the lingering questions from Blue Waters are revealed from Links perspective and really give the reader greater insight into how all the characters are linked (haha I did it again) together, and the past that has lead them into the dangerous predicament they now all find themselves in. I know I said from my review of Blue Waters that I was team Crash all the way and I was *not* feeling a Link/Whit love story but damn if India didn't change my mind. It's amazing how reading the same set of events from another characters perspective can really alter how you feel about situations and connections between characters. Now don't get me wrong, I'm still a big Crash fan (we've been through the whole bad boy thing- they are intoxicating what can I say?) but understanding the ending would have just left me pissed if I had read it in Blue Waters versus Black Waters. I could come to terms with a lot that transpired in the end, knowing Links side of things. This book was filled with some pretty shocking revelations that were complete mind = blown situations which of course are always great to read. I love having to stop a book and just be like, damn........, for a minute before I pick back up and continue, those are the best. 

From a little sneak peak at the end I know there is more to these characters story to come (score!) so I will just sit by (not so) patiently and wait to catch up with them!




Book Review: Destiny by India R. Adams

Dear Bookworms,

This weeks read was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

You guys may recall the review I did for Serenity a few months back (read it here)? I know it wasn't the most glowing review, but the story had good bones so I went ahead with the second in the series, Destiny. 

Serenity and Dereck are married, navigating life at the University of Texas where Dereck is a beloved football star and Serenity is often heckled and scorned for her misunderstood past. After a video of Dereck singing at the Destiny concert goes viral, he is suddenly launched into stardom with a record deal, music video, and summer tour with Destiny. On the road, Serenity and Destiny's relationship deepens, and new protectors are added to the unusual group of people in Serenity's life. As they try to understand their unique relationship to each other as well as their unique abilities, a darkness threatens the group. Seeming to grow more powerful and dangerous as the groups relationships and devotions solidify, not everyone will make it out unscathed. 

I am glad that I stuck with this book and listened to my gut that this story had great potential as I really enjoyed the second installment to this series. Perhaps it was the fact that I was going into it with the knowledge that this group was different and that there seemed to be a greater force at work within their lives and relationships? I think the flashback scenes to previous lives were interesting and reinforced the idea that this group of people are meant to be together and have purpose. I would even venture to say I would love to see more and longer flashbacks that drew into the current plot line and struggles the group is currently facing. Speaking of the plot line, it definitely came together more in this second book with a much deeper understanding of how everyone really fits together, why they are they way they are if you will. The addition of all the new characters (there were a lot) seemed to fit together with the core group nicely. The new characters were all well written with fleshed out personalities (Zane was kind of my favorite, seconded by Tank). The sense of familial love palpitates from the pages and without giving away any spoilers, the scene with a main character facing mortal danger was honestly so tense and heartbreaking my eyes were flying across the pages to see what happened. Overall a good read and I am excited to see where Serenity's story takes us next! 

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Book Review: Rain by India R. Adams

Dear Bookworms,

This weeks book review is author requested. I was provided with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Rose is a small town girl who gave up dreams of college and her own life to stay home to take care of her younger siblings and ailing mother. Her small town has been wracked by a killer plague which has already taken the life of her father, and threatens the life of her mother. Rose soon finds herself and her future intertwined with a mysteriously man (excuse me, male) from the woods surrounding her now desolate farmland. One prophecy, a pair of soul mates, and an enchanted world within the woods weave a beautiful tale wrought with both love and heartache.

So what did I think of this weeks read you say? So glad you asked! So I've read a few of India's books this year and without a doubt this was my favorite. She creates such a magical, mystical world within those woods I found myself yearning for a real life glimpse of a place just half as beautiful as this one. Everything from the people, to their humble and simplistic way of life was enchanting. The entire plot was masterfully woven together and the relationship between Rose, Ryder, and Gunner was so truly unique and pure. Much like with her previous novel, My Wolf and Me, watching the non-human and human characters interact was humorous and heart warming.

The missed social cues and colloquialisms were comical, giving me a good laugh on more than one occasion. And can we just talk about Ryder for a second. Fictional crush alert in overdrive over here. Where can I find me a Warrior Elf of my own? (Sorry husband!) Although archaic and primal, I found his and Roses relationship endearing. The truth and beauty of their relationship just bled from the pages. I loved how the book was told in alternating perspectives between both Rose and Ryder. I always enjoy first person, and it was especially appreciated being that our two main characters are entirely different species. It really give the reader much more insight into each of their worlds and really solidified the relationship between the two in my eyes. I am absolutely DYING to read the second book in this planned series, River, and will be anxiously awaiting it's debut in 2017! To check out this book and India R. Adams other works, check out her website here

Thanks for a truly delightful read India!



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