Book Review: Faeries of Saizia by Tonya L Chaves

Dear Bookworms,

This weeks read was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review. (Another Beep review! The Bloggess fan club is such a talented tribe!)

Faeries of Saizia
By Tonya L. Chaves

In the land of Saizia, two young fairies, Avery and his best friend Zaria, find themselves in trouble after venturing into the forbidden Eerie Hollow. Stumbling upon a secret chocolate production and a pair of elves, the two fairies are at a loss for what to do. Should they tell Queen Yamani? Continue to investigate alone? Curiosity wins out and Avery and Zaria soon find themselves in too deep when they are discovered snooping by the evil King Thordon of Eerie Hollow. In an effort to save themselves from having their wings ripped off and enslaved by King Thordon for breaking the century old truce to keep their kingdoms apart and secret from one another, the fairies accept a mission. If they succeed, they live, if they fail they belong to King Thordon. The two must venture out past the boundaries of anywhere they have ever been to retrieve a special seed. Their journey is rife with adventure and danger. With only their wits and determination, can Avery and Zaria complete their mission? And will King Thordon betray them in the end?

What a fun read! This one is perfect for all my middle grade readers and up and is filled with all things magical. There are fairies, elves, dragons, and magic- what more could you want?! I was tickled over the fairy speech patterns and colloquialisms. “Leaping Lizards!” is one exclamation that I hope to introduce into my everyday vernacular. Saizia was truly a wonderful world to dive into, and I’m not gonna lie, some place that i would like to live. There were some neat twists and turns that I was not expecting which kept me on my toes. (I would love to read a prequel about the events leading to the fallout between Saizia and Eerie Hollow and the truce to remain separated forever!)

Thanks Tonya for a really fun read, one that I will be sure to recommend to all my fantasy lovers! (Also, where can I get my copy of Human History and Other Mistakes to Learn From because clearly we need a refresher over here in the human world.)

Add this one to your reading list folks! It’s a goodie! See you guys next week!