Book Review: The Girls by Emma Cline

Dear Bookworms,

This weeks book review is the debut novel by Emma Cline, The Girls. I picked it up on a whim while at Costco the other week (like I really need anymore books to add to my TBR pile right? I have a stack about a foot and a half high on my nightstand right now. Ahhh the struggles of a bookworm, but I digress...)


Evie Boyd is a lonely teenager growing up in Northern California in the late 60's. Dreading the upcoming school year when she will be sent off to boarding school and longing to fill a void of companionship and belonging. From the moment she met Suzanne, Evie was hooked. Drawn to her wild and carefree attitude, Suzanne brings her to "the ranch". An almost mystical place in Evies mind she immediately feels at home with the other cast offs of society, the runaways, the ones tired of living under the constant glare of society and all it's rules. Headed by the enigmatic and dreamlike, Russell, Evie is quickly drawn into their world of sex, drugs, and free living. For once she feels alive, included, like she belongs. So begins the slippery slope over the course of a summer which culminates into the grisly murder of four people.

I'm sure you can glean from my synopsis but this is definitely not recommended for a YA reader. This book is told from alternating time lines. During the summer of 1969 as the events unfold as well as the present day as Evie reflects back on that summer. It's meant to be fictionally based on the infamous Manson Murders which rocked the country in 1969. Told from the perspective of "Evie" who by sheer coincidence was not with the murderous group as they set out that fateful night to murder the music producer who had wronged Russell and cheated him out of a promising record deal. This book was superbly well written, dark and eerie, addicting and fascinating. It leaves you with the nagging thought that we all have that capability for violence buried deep within (others buried not so deep), and that with the right set of circumstances those impulses may be acted upon and that the desires we all have for relationships and the need to be loved plays a big part in that. Overall I would highly recommend picking this one up. Great read, sure to leave your mind in overdrive when you finally put it down!

Until next week friends!