Book Review: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Dear Bookworms,

I'm back with another Gaiman masterpiece! I have gone so off course with my reading challenge the past few reads, this one didn't fit into any of the categories, but it's Neil Gaiman! I couldn't help myself. 

Nobody Owens, or Bod as he is known around the graveyard, is an usual boy. Granted the Freedom of the Graveyard as a toddler when his family was brutally murdered and he toddled into the graveyard, he lives in a world of shadows. Living in the graveyard, his playmates are ghosts, his lessons consist of learning how to "fade" and why not to trust a ghoul. Silas, his undead guardian, has assumed responsibility for Bod, ensuring he is fed and clothed, procuring things from the outside world that a growing child might need. Bod is never to leave the graveyard as the man, Jack, who murdered his family still hunts for him to finish the job he was tasked with completing, killing him. As Bod grows up into a young teen, he eventually must face the man Jack, but will he come away unscathed?

This book was quirky and dark, full of rich and vibrant characters, which is kind of odd considering mostly all the characters are dead, or undead, or somewhere in between. (Also why does auto correct keep trying to change "undead" to "unread"? Apparently auto correct  hasn't read much fantasy/fiction *sigh*)  Bods adventures growing up in the graveyard were magical and fun to read, and his strength and fortitude were something I admired in a character. My personal favorite was his foray into ghoul world. (Note to self, never foray into ghoul world!) This is a book you could read solo as an adult, or read with your kids (though it's never childish) and enjoy it just the same. As an added bonus, the reading was punctuated by some pretty stellar illustrations by Dave McKean that really brought the book even more to life. 

Any other Gaiman fans out there? What else should I read of his?

Until next week friends!