The Ultimate Party Dip

This cheesy, meaty, dippy concoction is known as "The Dip" in our circle of friends and is a must have for any get together, game night, or holiday gathering. In addition to being mouthwateringly delicious (seriously I'm salivating just thinking about this thing) it's also super easy (which we all know is a requirement for any of our Fattten Me Up Friday posts).


1 lb ground beef or ground spicy sausage 

1 can rotel

1-2 poblano peppers diced (depending on how spicy you like things- we like 2)

1 packet taco seasoning

1- 16 oz package Velveeta cheese cut into one inch cubes 

  • Cook ground beef/sausage with taco seasoning according to package
  • Put cooked ground beef/sausage into crockpot
  • Add Velveeta cheese, poblano peppers, and rotel to crockpot
  • Cook on high for an hour- stir occasionally
  • Once all ingredients have cooked and make a dip-y texture- turn crockpot to low
  • Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy!


What are some of your go-to party dips and apps?