What I've learned so far from Juicing

Ok, we've been juicing for a couple of weeks now, and let me tell ya, it's a lot of work.  I know, I know, you might think that it sounds lazy, but seriously ya'll, when you work full time, and and have to come home to kids, and hubby, and pets, and house chores, and squeezing in some reading and writing.... juicing is not a priority (neither is exercising, or dusting the shelf) BUT, needless to say, I've been doing it at least a few times a week..(and I'm talking about juicing here).

Here's my first post about it in case you missed it:  NEW TO JUICING? ME TOO. 

The thing that takes the longest is to prepare the fruits and veggies for the actual juicing.  The putting-in-the-juicer part takes a few minutes, but what happens before and after the fact (cleaning that juicer is a b-word!) is what makes me roll my eyes in an attempt to trick myself into pour some wine in the glass instead of juice.  Wait.  Wine comes from grapes... does it count?

Anywho, my favorite juices so far contained the pineapple (it finally was ready and ripe!) and ginger because it makes it kinda spicy.  I also really like cucumbers, but not too many.  Oh and another favorite is oranges and carrots. Yum.

Every time you add a few leaves of Kale or Spinach, the juice turns very, very green...which...is great, and I love it.  It doesn't really taste like greens, just like fruity, sweet and delicious.  My daughter, however, was very discouraged from tasting the green juice.  There was no way to trick her with that one.  

The juicing recipes varies - (I just throw in whatever I have that is juicesable-is that a word?) but the base remains the same.  Always have either apples or oranges (4 per person) and then add anything you would like.  I also tried celery since it has really good properties (I heard) BUT i hate celery, so I didn't like the overpowering celery taste.  yuck.  But hey! if you enjoy celery, go ahead...maybe you can drink the celery-infused juice with a spoonful of peanut butter and chew some raisins.... kind of like ants on a log? no? ok.

well, I will keep experimenting with juices and mixing fruits and veggies.... next, I'm coming up with the perfect bloody mary mix...yeah.  I'm taking juicing to the next level.

and yes, I will share the recipe.