New to Juicing? too.

I see a lot of people on Facebook and other social media outlets talk about the benefits of natural juices/juicing-at-home kinda thing. It is impossible to miss it every time I scroll down my page.  (Although I prefer to see this than other types of posts).  So one day I told my hubby "Honey, we are going to start juicing".

So my journey into learning juicing began. Who would've thought that there was so much to learn? I thought it was a simple as, get a juicer, get some fruits and veggies, and enjoy.  NOPE.

The very first thing you need to decide is what kind of juicer you want, and how much you want to spend.  Believe me, some of those machines can be quite pricey!

I read, and read, and read an eternities worth of blogs about juicing to help me decide.  IT WAS OVERWHELMING! I had to make a decision about the juicing situation before I went crazy.  I knew I wanted to do this because I read about different recipes for different things. Like for example, there are recipes that have anti-inflammatory benefits, others help with stomach issues, detox, and even stress.  I had to try it!

Come to find out that there are many juicers but they do different things.  


These are basically the most common juicers and you can find them in a variety of prices (they also tend to be the cheapest).  Based on what I learned, these are more like a fruit blender. They work better for fruits, not so good for leafy veggies. It grinds the fruit and squeezes the juice by centrifugal force, so they can be noisy. Also, you must know that you get the most amount of juice with a centrifugal juicer as they contain the fiber. I think.


Masticating means chewing. So it squeezes the juice from the fruits, and veggies. It extracts the juice on one side, and the pulp on the other side. These machines are quieter, a little more expensive, work great with veggies, not so well with fruits that contain seeds or are mushy (like bananas), and since it works slowly, they don't produce so much heat and it protects the integrity of the proteins in the produce.  If you are looking for fiber in your juice, you won't find it with this juicer.  Go with a centrifugal juicer if fiber is what you are wanting.  

NOW, there are other kinds of juicers nowadays that weren't out when I was doing my research, so I'm not going into those details. The centrifugal and the masticating juicers are the most common and you'll probably be OK with either one. You can also google the differences and learn a little before you purchase one.

Here is a good resource that explains the differences, and actually does some of the research for you from

We decided to go with the masticating juicer because we were more interested in getting good vitamins and proteins from our juicing than fiber.  

THEN WHAT? Another load of research.  WHAT TO JUICE?

Believe me, it's not as simple as throwing a bunch of stuff together into the juicer.  

Come to find out that you must have a base to your juice.  Mostly something that will produce the most juice. We always chose apples or oranges, or both.  

Four apples or four oranges per person for one serving.  We realized that because a masticating juicer only extracts the juice and discards the pulp, you get WAY less juice per fruit than a centrifugal juicer. That's something we learned after the first trial... I had a lot of fruit and got little juice. *disappointed face*.   

NOTE: Because the masticating juicer works hard at squeezing the juice, it is recommended to peel and cut some fruits before juicing them. The apples have to be cut in pieces and the center removed, the oranges peeled, and the cucumbers cut in pieces for easy extraction.

THAT IS A LOT OF WORK for a glass of juice. I mean, I'm not a lazy person, but the idea of spending almost 30 minutes cutting, peeling, and de-seeding fruit for three glasses of juice is exhausting.  I KNOW there has to be a better way of cutting and preparing for juicing... So, if you are reading this and know how to do it the easier way....please help!

ANYWAY, I did it.  I cut all the fruit.  I used apples, oranges, cucumbers, blueberry, a tomato, and some ginger root for added spice (highly recommended).  I had a pineapple too, but it wasn't ripe enough.  I'll use it next time. 

NOTE TO MYSELF:  Cut the apples last. I did them first, and they started to get brown before I was done cutting the rest of the fruit.  Now I know. 

Regardless of all the effort and hard work I put into this juice, it ended up being delicious.  You don't have to add anything! No sugar, no water.  It's just the pure juice from the fruits and veggies, nothing chemical.  I can see how this is healthy, especially if you buy organic produce. 

I think it was worth all the research and time.  I will definitely do this again and I will add some kale or spinach with other great recipes I saw online.  

Also, my daughter wasn't too happy with the juice though.  She said it tasted too much like cucumbers, which I like, but she hasn't acquired those taste buds yet.  

Do you have any juicing recipes I can use?  I'm also open to suggestions on how to cut the fruit efficiently!!!!

Here's the final product.  Yeah, I enjoyed it.