Are you smarter than an Escape Room?


We always ride by a place called, Exit Strategies in our home town, but never thought much about it...Until one day, while watching Impractical Jokers.  Now, I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with that show (if not, you must watch it! it's hilarious) but, basically these four friends compete with each other in crazy funny challenges.  The loser has to be punished.  Well, this day I was telling you about, the loser had to be locked in an Escape room with a bunch of strangers and figure out the way out while also doing other outrageous things.  But my point is... the actual Escape Room thing seemed cool.


I was curious, so I googled it.

I was stoked to find out that we had our own Escape Room (several, actually) facilities here in town!  The one Exit Strategies place I saw every day, being one of them.

This past weekend we gave it a shot.  After arguing among our little group about who was the smartest, we decided to see if we could beat the room.

We picked the RUINS room.  Indiana Jones-themed, this room (or rooms, rather) was beautifully decorated with artifacts, and a surplus of archaeological  objects, including a burial site with bones inside! (here comes the mummy), stone columns, skeleton keys, tribal idols, and sand....lots of sand.  Your task is to find your way out of the room by finding clues and solving puzzles.  find your way out, and you go into the next room, with a new set of puzzles to solve.  In the last room, you must find the golden skull and win the game.  

All this in under one hour.  60 minutes can go really fast when you freak out.

But don't panic too much! If you are stuck, you can ask your guide for help.  They will provide clues on how to solve your puzzle... they WON'T tell you how to do it, but they will point you in the right direction.  Our guide, Aaron was helpful and patient.  You know that they are observing you while you lose your hair trying to figure out the way, so we tried to keep calm...but Aaron probably laughed at us more than once (we were serious about proving who was smarter!)

Find the Golden Skull and you get out.  Were we smart enough to find it?


Well...... It seems like we found it!

We escaped!! 

So, who was declared the smartest of us 6?... The best part is that we all had things to contribute to the task.  Each person in our little "Super 6" group discovered their strengths, and we all listened to each other.  It was a fantastic way to unite us and it is pretty satisfying to know you escape with time to spare.  We will have to find another way to vote on brain power. 

Sorry we couldn't take more pictures, but they're not allowed.  In fact, you must leave all your belonging, including cell phones, in a locker before you enter the room... so no one cheats.  


Go visit your local escape room and have fun!  It's like traveling into a different world without leaving your town.  

Fun guaranteed! Have you done an Escape Room? Tell me more!!!!!! Please leave a comment below...

Till next time!