Gardening update

So it's been roughly a month since I planted my veggie garden and I am so proud to report, I haven't killed a single thing! I will say, we have gotten quite a lot of rainfall the past several weeks so I have had help in the remembering to water department. This past weekend I harvested my first (of what I hope to) be many jalepenos and cucumbers. Look at these beauties!


I finely chopped up a couple of the jalapenos and threw them in with my eggs along with some garlic and parmesean cheese. Delish! As far as the cucumbers, I am trying my hand at pickles. I made 4 jars with just this haul! I'll let you know how they taste after I give them a few days to pickle. I literally just sliced them up, stuffed them in a jar, and covered them with vingear and a few red pepper flakes. Hope they turn out yummy! 

The tomato plants are roughly three feet high- glad I went ahead and bought some cages to help support them because these suckers are tall! I can see several green tomatoes growing on the vines. Can't wait until they are ripe for the picking! (Still in need of some good salsa/spaghetti sauce recipes!)


This cucumber is insane people. It's like the vine that doesn't stop growing. I'm not complaining, I hope this gal (Audrey II as I like to call her), produces tons of cucumbers! Next year I think I will plant my cucumber in the middle of one of the raised beds. I really didn't know it would fan out so much, and now have vines trailing along in the grass. 

The bell peppers aren't doing too much, I think they were smothered by Audrey II, but I am holding out hope that they come around. Look at this cute little green bell pepper starting to grow. 

Surprisingly I have not had much in the way of animal interference. I thought for sure I would be cursing the wildlife for pilfering and nibbling through my plants, but so far, I've been lucky. Maybe the fact that we have a couple of dogs keeps the little furries away from our yard? Whatever the reason, I'll take it. 

Anyone else out there brining in a good harvest yet this summer? What are your favorite things to grow?