Harry Potter Midnight Release Experience

Coco and I have spent numerous hours of our teenage and early twenties years devouring every single Harry Potter book, more than once.  In fact, we devour everything Harry Potter (and J.K. Rowling) related.  From movies, to spin-offs, to Hogwarts textbooks, souvenirs, and merchandise, you get the point. Harry Potter has been a part of our adult-ish lives and will continue to be, forever. Needless to say, when we heard about the release of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" we squealed - seriously, squealed out loud.  Now in our thirties, we are still young at heart.


So Coco did some research and found some local bookstores that were having a midnight release. Midnight releases are not foreign to Harry Potter experts like us. We've been to numerous release parties before, including VIP movie releases (it is sooooo great to watch a movie before anyone else can!). We chose to go to Barnes and Nobles.

Since it's been so long from the time when we last adventured to a book release, we didn't know what to expect. Do we dress up (like we used to when we were younger)?, do we bring our own wands to walk around in silly-playful mode? Do we wear normal clothes? I had no clue, so I opted to wear my not-so-obvious Harry Potter gear. Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet. Coco wore her Hogwarts t shirt as well as her HP accessories.  

We arrived at 10pm. The party had already started, but we figured that two hours was enough for us. This Barnes and Nobles was set up to resemble a wizardry school experience.You signed up at a desk (where you got your pre-order reservation ticket). Then we were directed to the sorting hat station. Answer three multiple choice questions and you are sorted to one of the four houses. I got Gryffindor and Coco got Hufflepuff (they marked us with a letter stamped on our hand)- I was a little disappointing that they didn't provide pins or stickers of your house like they have done in years past, but I moved on.  

Then, we walked around the two story bookstore, navigating through the shelves, with various decorations of HP related themes. There were raffles, look-alike contests, and trivia competitions at the main station downstairs. It was a pleasant surprise to see other adults our age there. Most of whom were dressed up like the HP characters (At that point I regretted not wearing more Harry Pottery stuff). There were also a lot of teens and little kids dressed up in their best HP outfits. While we were in line, there was this little 10 year old boy who was dressed in full HP gear, from the robe, to the scarf, wand, and glasses. He -very enthusiastically- stated that he had read all HP books twice. His dad was shaking his head as he'd never read a HP book. By the way, after speaking to them, I think we convinced dad to read the books with his son, mission accomplished. 

We roamed the store and visited the Houses. There were stations of activities to do. I was super excited to see a "make your own wand" station, and a "Golden Snitch" station as well. After we decorated our hand-made wands, feeling like a true Ollivander's apprentice,  we took pictures at the "wanted" wizard photo op, had an encounter with Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom (they had a recording of Moaning Myrtle playing on a closed door near the bathroom, it was quite clever), and shopped for some HP Funko Pop figurines (LOVE THEM!).  

Our geeky hearts were full, and right at 12:01 am the registers opened and we were able to get our hands on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ten minutes after. My life is complete. 


Did you guys go to a midnight release? I want to hear other's experiences! leave me a comment with your story...