Writer's Block? Beat the Beast.

Let's be honest.  You can say you write a lot and that you have been writing since you were young, but everyone goes through a scary (for us in this profession) condition called Writer's Block.  Symptoms include: inability to think, lose of appropriate wordage, thesaurus-constriction, lack of plotting capability, and overall sense of unwillingness to create the next chapter/page.

Writer's Block is not something you expect.  You may have an amazing idea one day, and, right in the middle of your writing, the block takes place.  Suddenly, you can't find what to type next.  Nothing makes sense, and everything (if you can think of anything) seems dull.  

So, how do you solve this problem?  The answer is not easy, but you can certainly work on it, as you do with any kind of therapy (for physical or mental conditions).  The cure comes with time. BE PATIENT! Here are some tips to help you get back to writing:

1. RELAX.  Don't panic.  Relax your body and mind as soon as you feel the block happening.  Can't think of the next word?.  Take a break.  Drink some coffee, go for a walk.

2. NARROW DOWN THE THINGS THAT INSPIRE YOU.  Whether is your pet, nature, your kid, a tv show, books, fairies, monsters.  ONLY you know what inspires you.  We all have the one thing that makes us think about a million stories when we look at it.  I like to look at trees and the stars.  Yeah, that sounds weird, but for some reason trees and fresh air fuels my imagination.  It's hard to find your muse, but once you do, keep it in mind in case of a block emergency.

3. WHEN AN IDEA COMES...WRITE IT DOWN.  Even if it's not related to whatever you're working on at the moment, when you have an "aha!" moment, jot it down! don't rely on your memory as the writer's block will, well, block it when you need it the most.  

4. WORK ON SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  If you are working on a project and you get to that point where you can't write the next chapter, simply stop.  Start a side project or work on something totally different for a little while.  Go out of the house for a walk in the park.  This will trick your mind and inspiration will flow back to you when you least expect it.

5. MAKE A MOVIE.  Yes, a movie, but not literally.  I always treat all my project as if I was a director of a Hollywood movie. See it in your mind, imagine your characters as if you were looking at them on the big screen.  What's gonna happen next? what's the twist of this story? Do this as you go to bed, or when you have a time to spare.  Start from the beginning of your story and add a little scene every time.  You will eventually (and unexpectedly) get some clue or inspiration that will unravel the rest of your masterpiece.  

6. MEDITATE: I know you hear this all the time, but seriously, meditation is literally exercise for your mind.  Your imagination is your strongest forte...let's face it, if you are a writer you know this.  Meditation will allow you to travel places in the comfort of your mind, and get inspiration from places hidden in your own world.  

7. READ.  I'm not telling you to copy and paste someone else's idea, but reading good literature will expand your own imagination.  Sometimes, one little word can inspire a whole new world of ideas in your mind.  


8. TAKE A TRIP.  Yes! traveling might be the way to go.  If your mind is blocked from producing the next chapter, jump in you car (or better, a plane) and go somewhere that you've never been before.  A new place might wake up your inner muse.  

You can always find inspiration where you never thought to look.  Maybe a history book? or an old movie.  Reality, and the world around us, provides a constant feed of amazing stories that need to be told.  all you have to do is look around and listen.

Hope you unlock your muse!



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