Part Two: Kids are Weird

Welcome back to another installment of Kids are Weird. If you are silently asking "Installment?" to yourself, you obviously did not read Part One: Kids are Weird. Have no fear, click the link here to read more hilarious and often cringe worthy things my children have said

  • "My shoes smell like seaweed."
  • (While eating some horrendous lollipop concoction from the grocery, Juicy Drop Pop or some other ridiculousness.)"This tastes like Monday. It's sour but also kind of sweet" (Sorry kid, I think you meant Sunday...that's what a Sunday evening tastes like, Monday is just plain sour). 
  • "It smells like ranch out here" (Ikea parking lot)
  • After a fun field day at the local high school "It seems pretty cool there, all they do is hang out, drink Coke, and sometimes write essays". 


  • "I love your farts, they smell like icecream"
  • "Let's just call him Donald Poop." (I'll let you decide who the 5 year old was referring too)
  • L: Who's your teacher? Me: I don't have one L: *Eyes widen in wonder and disbelief* So you can do anything you want?!
  • "So when I want a husband what do I do? Just walk up to someone and tell him he's my husband or what?"


 I swear these kids are crazy!!