Part One: Kids are weird

It's no shocker that kids are weird, like really weird. As a seasoned mom of two (9 and 5), sometimes even I'm slightly stupefied by the odd, off the wall, embarrassing, and downright creepy things they say. I decided a couple weeks ago to keep a running list of all the strange things I have heard. So in no particular order, here's what I've got:

They look son nice and harmless.....just wait....

- "I wanna lick your face, it looks like it tastes like nachos"

- "When I die and go to heaven, I want to be a dog"

- "I bet being an adult feels goofy...and loud."

- "I want my name to be hopscotch burp. I don't want to be "Lily". *laughs mischievously* Just kidding, that's a silly name. Just call me hopscotch..."

- (Watching Say Yes to the Dress) "Wow she looks like a Princess! But how in the world is she gonna poop in that thing?!"

- (While snuggling on the couch watching TV) "Ewwww you're so freckle-y. I can feel it on my feet." (I'm pretty sure she was referring to my leg hair on that one...)

- *Points to wedding picture on mantel* "There's a picture of you so when you be old and dead I can remember you"

- (To the elderly man checking us out at Target) "Why do you have such long hair growing out of your ears?"

-Conversation overheard in the backseat:

Kid 1: I'm gonna go to college for fashion

Kid 2: When we are in college we'll  be like normal adults

Kid 1: Cool, so we could drive places by ourselves and go to Monkey Joes whenever we want


Check back regularly because I am sure I'll have more off the wall things to share with you soon! Moms, what are some of the crazy things you've heard from your kids? 

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