The Pack Rat Saga: Update

So if you guys have been following along with our blog (if not, what are you waiting for dummy? Subscribe and don't miss all the good stuff!), you know that we recently sold our family home of seven years and stored everything into PackRats as we waited for the closing date on our new home. Missed that post? Read it here.

I felt like I needed to provide you guys with some follow up information, in case you were worried for all my worldly possessions in the hands of the ever so disorganized PackRat corporation.

I am pleased to announce that not only were my PackRats delivered right on time (gasp!) but they were also my actual PackRats, with all of my belongings. I had feared they would deliver some other unit (valid fear people- for real read the original post).

Now comes the fun (insert sarcasm and eye roll here) task of unpacking and organizing all the crap loaded up inside these two suckers. I am sensing the need for a beer run soon...

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The Pack Rat Saga

If you've read my post about moving, you are aware that we used PackRat to store our (bagillions) of household items while we wait to find a new home. (If you haven't, what are you waiting for?! Click here and get caught up!) It sounded like such a great idea: Order PackRat, Pack Rat delivered, load PackRat, PackRat taken away & stored at local facility, schedule delivery of PackRat to new house when we close. Simple right? No hassle for sure! Wrong.

Delivery went off with only a slight hitch. We ordered and scheduled delivery online (convenience- score!) for a Saturday morning. The delivery window was 8am-12pm (Meh, I hate delivery windows). The driver called when he was an hour 11:45. Strike one PackRat! Tardiness is high on my list of pet peeves, ask anyone who's been late meeting me for dinner or *gasp* a movie. With the help (coercion, help, same diff right?) of some great friends we quickly filled it up. Hubby quickly noticed that just one PackRat was never going to hold all the crud we possessed. No problem right? We will call and arrange another one? Wrong 

After spending close to 7 hours breaking down furniture and jamming the PackRat to full capacity we went back to Mias house to ease our weary bones (and drink a few cold ones). Hubby called up the PackRat distribution center to explain that we would need another storage unit added to our order and to schedule delivery for later the next week. ONE HOUR LATER, he had finally secured another PackRat, same size as the original at a HIGHER price than the first. How is that possible?! I don't even know, but we were so exhausted that we just didn't have the energy to fight it (anymore that we had already tried in the hour long conversation with customer service). But it was all squared away, PackRat to be delivered the following Thursday between 9am-12pm. Whew, easy sailing now we thought...Wrong.

Monday morning comes and hubby receives a call that delivery is on the way. "Uhhhhh, scheduled for Thursday people, THURSDAY." insert awkward pause. "Ooopsy, sorry- see ya Thursday". Wrong

Thursday arrives and hubby calls in the AM to confirm delivery for that day and to verify that one of us needed to be present to sign off on received unit. "What delivery?" they say. "We have nothing scheduled for you today" they say. Now if people were cartoons, steam would be coming out of hubbys ears and an alarm siren would be blaring above his head. After going over our order YET again, they confirm delivery between 9am-12pm (after a short debacle were they claimed they had no units in the size we requested- but miraculously they located one for us after some back and forth- they probably felt the steam through the phone at this point). Thank goodness that was resolved right? Wrong

By 11:00 hubby was getting anxious as he had not received a call that the driver was in route. Given that we had ample reason for anxiety at this point- he called dispatch...again. "Oh you're unit isn't scheduled for delivery until between 6pm-9pm". At this point I'm sure my husband had a mini stroke and dropped the phone. After recovering his senses and (not so) politely going over our order for what seemed like the MILLIONTH time, they dispatched the closest driver with a PackRat to our address. It arrived at 12:45 right as I was running out the door to pick with the youngest from Pre-K. At this point, what else could go wrong you ask? Nothing! Wrong

Pickup was for that Saturday (being that we closed on our home that Monday). Feeling that things would probably get screwed up, again, Hubby called Friday night to ensure pickup would be there the next day between 9am-12pm. "No sir, pickup is scheduled for Tuesday" they say. "TUESDAY?! We wont even own that residence on Tuesday" hubby says. After some debate and some push back we scheduled pickup AGAIN for Saturday. 

Just FYI- they did come on Saturday and safely picked up our PackRat. I am a tad skeptical when it comes time to deliver it to the new house what (or whos) (or when the) stuff will actually show up. 

If you are moving and considering using PackRat to store your stuff, DON'T, just don't. Save yourself the hassle and check out POD's or some other brand. Unless your a glutton for self punishment then go right ahead, but you've been warned!