Treasure hunting at Market Station Antiques

I've had an obsession with antiques, old artifacts, and things that others might deem as junk. I absolutely LOVE going what I call treasure hunting, to flea markets and antique stores. That being said, I was stoked when I found out about the opening of Market Station Antiques, in Albemarle, NC. Just a short drive northeast of Charlotte, Market Station Antiques is the place you want to go on a weekend, to browse and shop for the perfect piece.  

The owner, Dr. Larry Bridge, let us peek through the store before the grand opening. Let me tell you folks, I felt like I was walking through heaven....antique heaven.  

First of all, the location is perfect. Market Station is a landmark in the city of Albemarle  making it super easy to find.  Market Station is in the downtown area of Albemarle, NC right off Main St. This beautifully restored train station is home to Stanley County Farmers Market which hosts many weddings and receptions throughout the year.  So, if you are in the area or attending an event, walk right across to this antique store and I promise, you won't be disappointed. 

Just look at this! I could live here!

Just look at this! I could live here!

Ok, let me tell you about the amazing things we saw.  Walking through the aisles, it's important to remember to take your time! You don't want to miss out on the details of the decor and the smaller trinkets that are waiting to share their history with you.  Everything is for sale, so don't dismiss something just because it seems to be part of a display.  

There's a large selection of antique dressers, chairs, lamps, tables, mirrors, frames, doors, chandeliers, and amazing signs and other unique decorations.  

Dr. Bridge has passionately collected these wonderful pieces from estate sales and other auctions around the area and also all along the east coast. They are hand-picked and selected just for you. Each item has an incredible story behind it, and since they are hand picked, everything is high quality, and handled with care. Note that there are many items that are rare, and some that are very, very when I said go treasure hunting in this place, I wasn't kidding.  

If you are into antiques and hard to find trinkets and decor, do yourself a favor and visit Market Station Antiques! Remember, Christmas is around the corner, and many of these artifacts can make the perfect gift or furnish a room like they were meant to do.

Also, visit and like their facebook page at @MarketStationAntiques AND their  instagram and Twitter accounts @AntiqueDecor_NC to see more pictures of their amazing selections!

Market Station Antiques and Decor 113 Railroad St. Albemarle, NC 28001