Hey you! Thanks for stopping by our blog. So I guess you wanna know a little about the one part sister that makes up this blog duo. Well first things first, my name is Courtney, but y'all can call me Coco. I love all things literary (love may not be strong enough of a word actually, lets go with obsessed...but not creepy obsessed like I sleep on a bed made of books and stalk my favorite authors on twitter in the dead of night....ok I do stalk my favorite authors by twitter in the dead of night but that's only because I work 3rd shift so I am awake in the dead of night and probably bored.. actually, on second thought, lets just stick with love...) I'm pretty much your typical mom of two, night shift hospital worker by night, and taxi driver, cook, tutorer, maid, professional kid tucker-inner (ok I made that one up- I don't think there is such a thing as a "professional kid tucker-inner- but if there is, I'm pretty good at it so give me call if you're hiring- I can give you two excellent referrals). My better half in this whole blog business is my sister from another mister (like for real though, she is my sister-in-law, so technically we are sisters from another mister) and fellow foodie, travel junky, reading enthusiast. Now that I've probably scared away most of our potential readers, I guess I will say thanks for sticking around! I knew I'd like you. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of the fun things we have planned! Book reviews, travel fun, and general everyday life mayhem- I promise it'll be worth it. ;)




Hello Everyone! I'm the other component to this duo.  Like CoCo said, the other sister from another mister...and another mistress...well, you get the point.  My name is Maria, but you will know me as Mia, since that's how my nephew used to call me when he couldn't say my name, and I love it.  

I'm a mom to a wonderful witty little girl, from whom you will be hearing stories, I'm sure.  I also work at a local law firm doing mostly (among other things)what I like to do....writing (Although, not the fun kind of writing... it pays the bills though).  I love psychology and enjoy exploring all corners of the human mind.  I love analyzing (just ask my husband), researching and contrasting people's opinions on things; so I might be asking you guys lots of questions.  I LOVE coffee, chocolate, books, travel, music, movies, dogs, and cats, and art, and comics, and...well... let's just say I like a very broad variety of things, which can be good and bad (especially when it comes to making a decision).  That being said, that's why we are here; to explore new things and to share them with you.  I hope you find our little journey as exciting as we do, and venture to read, eat, travel, and discover with us.







Alltherooms has had guest posts featured with us. It is also a very comprehensive site that provides extensive travel tips, blogs, and accommodation comparisons to help you plan the best for your money. 


Ilo Feng Shui and Interior Design.  Medellin, colombia. 

Feng Shui your life.  The owner, Lina, is very dear to our hearts and her work in Feng Shui and design is so amazing, it's worth mention it. This site is currently only available in Spanish, but if you have a chance, check it out.  Her thread/yarn canvases, and beautiful mural designs are so visually appealing that all you need is your eyes.